As I promised my dear friends, here is the first of a series of older photos of mine. These are of when I was 17 and had just returned back to Rio after attending a scholarship that I was awarded to come to the US…by that time I knew 5 languages and also shorthand and typing, so consequently upon my return to Rio I was able to work for the American Ambassador in Rio, Mr Ellis O. Briggs and also Minister Woodruff Warner. It was a great experience for me and one day having lunch at the French Embassy across the street from the US Embassy, a group of producers from the US, approached our table and asked me to be the star for their 2 hour movie documentary on Rio de Janeiro…of course I said, yes, at that age everything was new and fun…BUT I never got to see the movie myself…I have 2 photos here with these producers from the US, one photo when we were taking a break and the other one at the top of Corcovado (the Christ statue) which was the last scene shot for the movie! If anyone out there, recognize these guys, please contact me, I would like to see the documentary myself since I was the star in it ! :-)The other 3 photos, one, at the Embassy at the Ambassador’s office while at work and the two other going to the Ambassador’s residence for a reception.
I was married 6 months later, so that will be another chapter to follow this one, and then, how I got to start my golf career !