In Tom’s own words ”, owned and operated by Tom Woetko from Toms River NJ, began in 2007 and was first was known as Rock n Oldies 98 Dot Com. The Station was much more than oldies it branched out into Indie Artists, Soul, Country, Jazz, Blues , Classic Rock and more, so I decided to change the name to NJ Kewl 98 Dot Com (New Jersey Kewl 98 Dot Com) I also added a little motto The Almost Number 1 Internet Radio Station On The Jersey Shore. I myself have been doing radio both on terrestrial radio and Internet Radio since 2000. I have been in the music business since I was in Jr. High but learned the guitar when I was 10 years old. The very first song I learned how to play was Honky Tonk and the first song I every played and song was You Belong To Me by the Duprees a group that hailed from Jersey City New Jersey. I have been a DJ on various stations through out the years and decided to start my own in 2007. I would like to thank my good friend and fellow air personality for giving me the confidence putting his faith in me that I would be a good air personality his name is Dave The Rave ( Dave Kapulski) He stuck by me through the ups and downs while I have been in the business “. Also check his new page “IT’s A Jersey THANG” every Monday from 6-7pm…
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